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Project Cases

Our 30 featured cases here are not yet an exhaustive list, but it can already show the breadth & depth of our experience. Email us to learn more about how we can help you with your translation needs.

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Language Pairs

We have the knowledge and technical capability to work around complex sentences and the skills needed to fully understand the specialized terms of the content. Contact us today us for a free quote.

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We provide accurately translated content that suit the intended use of the material. Check out some samples of work that we've done for our clients. Contact us today for more info.

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What Our Clients Say

"Will like to start off by thanking Berlo for the excellent and polite service rendered as always. I still remembered there was once I have an urgent translation to be done. I called on Saturday and got my translated report on Monday morning as requested. Sincerely appreciate the kind understanding to rush out the reports. Berlo is indeed one of the best translation companies I have worked with. Will definitely continue working with them."

"We have been working with them for some time, and they have been consistently providing excellent work and great service!"

"They do not just translate words, they understand the content and can translate accordingly. We will definitely continue working with them!"

"Even for rush jobs, their quality is not negatively affected. They can proficiently translate even highly technical and specialised contents!"

"Berlo International Pte. Ltd. is a trusted translations service provider. We worked with them on a contentious matter involving documents in the Chinese language. They were efficient and reliable, and appreciated the urgency of Court timelines by ensuring prompt delivery of translations for Court’s use. They were also able to comprehend the nuances in the use of language and translate the documents accordingly. We would recommend their services to interested persons."

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