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About Berlo International Philippines

We continuously strive to do better than our last job. We have not hit perfection, and that’s why we come back to work the next day.

Our passion for languages drives us to painstakingly develop an output that exceeds customers’ expectations.

  • We learn from everything we see and hear, and the people that come across our paths.
  • To be the bridge that fosters understanding and connection – this is what we stand for.
  • We consciously target to retain both essence and form in our translation.

We specialize in providing:

  • translation
  • interpretation
  • transcription
  • copy-writing services for businesses, institutions and private individuals.

Founded on the desire to provide translation output that accurately and appropriately reflect the source in terms of content and format, Berlo Translations was first established in Singapore to facilitate understanding among clients with backgrounds in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages.

We provide services for document translation, website and software localization, meeting and conference interpretation as well as content copywriting.

At Berlo International Philippines, we bridge understanding with proficiency and passion.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Accuracy and alignment of purpose

By assigning the work to specific translators who understand the specialization of the content and by adopting a systematic process, we ensure that our translation accurately reflect the source.

Moreover, we also bear in mind the purpose for which a translated work will be used, and thus apply the proper writing and delivery skills to ensure that the output suits the intended purpose.

In short, a marketing collateral will be translated in a way that resonates with the target audience, and a technical document will be presented like its written by a technical authority in the translated language.


Our quality assurance system that is built into the work process helps us to achieve consistency in our output. We employ a fine-tuned process and use a set of checklists, steps and tools so that our commitment can be delivered in the future as it is today.

Prompt Delivery

We understand the challenges that you face and the urgency of your requirements.

Through proper planning, disciplined execution and adequate communication, we ensure that we deliver according to the committed schedule.

Passionate Service

We want to ensure that every contact you have with us leaves you with a sense of confidence and a level of satisfaction – all the way from your first inquiry to your repeated transactions. Our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staffs are guided to answer and make arrangements to meet your needs.


Our competitive rates and a transparent pricing method ensure that you get the optimum value for your money.

The key factors we take into account in our pricing include: the language pair, the number of source words/pages, the type of document or service (general or specialist) and the required lead time.

At Berlo International Philippines, we make sure that our prices are competitive, and you get what you paid for.


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