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Getting Started in Learning a New Language

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So you’re about to enroll for your mandatory foreign language class in school. Or you just happened to fall in love with language of the foreign film you have just watched. Or perhaps you just want something new in your life and studying a language is in your list. Or a thought passed your mind to join a translation company in the Philippines or any online agency.

Whatever reason you have, we can assume that you came upon this article while you’re contemplating how you will start your path of learning a new language. So, before jumping into the frying pan, arm yourself with these tips first.

Take an interest

Do you really want to study this language? You must know that learning a new language requires commitment and long hours of studying in order to be at least decently conversational. If you are just taking this for grades or promotion, then you better start having a genuine interest on the language.  If you are only going to hate this for the coming days, then good luck accomplishing something next to impossible.

Set a timeline of goals

You don’t just tell yourself, “Learn Chinese.” When learning a new language, you must be realistic in setting your goals. You must already know how much time you can commit in learning and the kind of resources to do so. You can try setting your goal like this: be able to order food in 2 weeks, be able to carry a decent conversation with your fellow language learner in a month, be able to understand the gist of a foreign film in 3 months, be able to speak comfortably with a local in 6 months.

Finding your learning style

Each of us has a learning style that is proven to effective. There are those who learn best when conversation is regularly carried or more comfortable with the company of books or grasp things more quickly when watching movies. By knowing which style suit you, you can add that activity along with the usual lessons that you are getting.

Research, research, research!

Immerse yourself with the idea of learning the language. Initiate in researching about the basic info of the language, culture and way of life of your subject. Read tips and articles about studying foreign language from learners, teachers and bloggers just like what you’re doing now.  It would make you feel more confident if you seem knowledgeable once your lessons start.

Becoming bilingual or even multilingual is a worthy trait. It can give you many benefits when it comes to your studying, meeting new people, and even in your career whether you want to be relocated in a new country or become a professional translation service provider. Whichever motivating factor you have, commitment is the key in order to be successful in this endeavor.

Now that you have set your goals, good luck with this fruitful journey of yours!

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