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Our Process


We build in our quality assurance into our work process to provide you the translation, interpretation and transcription work that consistently prove our commitment and meets your specific requirements.


checkPreparation of Requirements Checklist

Before going into the gist of the translation or interpretation work, a checklist of the client’s specific requirements is prepared.  This includes special instructions that the client might have in relation to the names, contents, format, presentation translated work or event (in the case of live interpretation). Any preliminary notes that the translator might have after browsing through the document are also included here.

2Translation or Interpretation Work

 The job is then assigned to a specific translator based on content and skills match between the job and the translator, as well as the match between client delivery requirement and workload. Documents are better translated by people who have some level of knowledge about the specific content, aside from the skills needed to translate from one language to the other. Moreover, as the load also affects the translation and interpretation quality in one way or the other, we make sure that there is adequate capacity planning and proper job assignment to provide professional, on-time delivery.

3Plan, Manage and Communicate

Applying project management best practices, after planning, we drive execution with proper management, relentless discipline and constant communication. This is especially useful for major translation and interpretation projects where the output is used by the client for very important activities like legal case argument, product launch, company mergers, dealer conferences and the like. We understand the business and financial impact of such activities, so we do our best to ensure that our translation and interpretation output add value to your endeavor.

4Proofreading and Editing of Work-in-Progress

While the translation work is in progress, proofreading and editing of the translated portion take place. We have a set of points in our “watch list”, and this covers parameters related to the meaning, output and presentation of the translated work. We constantly upgrade our skills in this area with proper techniques and tools gained from various translation experiences as well as from the market.

5Cross-check vs. Requirements

 Aside from proofreading and editing, which focus on the general compliance of the translation output, we are also mindful of the specific instructions and notes you provided at the outset. Thus, while portions of the output are being checked, we make sure that these special requirements are not missed out.

6Final Review and Submission of the Translation Output

 As previous quality checks focus on the discrete portions of the output as they come out, this final check ensures that the combined output forms a cohesively translated piece. After everything is confirmed to meet the standard quality requirements, we can confidently submit the translation output to you.


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