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Our Translators


As in any service business, the people at the front line as well as those working to prepare the output are among the key factors for success.

We do our best to recruit translators who share the common passion for languages, at the very least.

Translation work oftentimes require going through lengthy, detailed document, and it’s the passion and interest that will sustain the translator in the long run.

Aside from passion, discipline and professionalism are also the key traits that we constantly emphasize in our translators and interpreters.Having said these, however, we also ensure that our people have the adequate hard skills to properly deliver the translation or interpretation job.

We assign projects to translators who not only have the competency to translate into the target language, but who also have the backgrounds or translation track record in the specialization called for by the content.

Thus, a financial statement will be translated by a business or finance translator, while a technical manual will only be assigned to a professional translator who also has engineering qualification or experience.

In essence, we work with translators who possess the following at the minimum:

  • Diploma or degree holder
  • Two years of translation experience
  • Experience in an area of expertise (business, finance, law, engineering or sciences, liberal arts or humanities)


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